Who we are
At the end of the day, it's all about people.

Farhana Hossain
CEO & Chief Consultant, HR Hub

Farhana is a recruitment consultant with over 13 years’ experience in varied fields which is backed by her bachelors and Master degree in Business studies with major in HRM. She worked with a number of well reputed companies such as Beximco Group, Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Dhaka Ahsania Mission, FutureLeaders, Windmill Group, Digital Construction Ltd. and Adaptive Enterprise Ltd. Farhana’s career story goes beyond the typical plot which eventually helped her fabricate the pillars of her confidence and knowledge about the diversified job scenario and working environment in Bangladesh. She loves working on the following area:

  • Recruitment & Headhunting
  • Training and motivation the youth
  • Self-knowledge & self-grooming for job hunt
  • Job-field reality analysis and planning
  • Job hunting, resume and interview knowledge 
  • Attending to career issues, personal, familial and professional relationships that impact one another
  • Motivational counseling
  • Personal Development
  • Meditation

“Having gone through a number of diversified industries in different layers of career have change me and having found something that absolutely suits me, I am a firm believer in the ‘self-assessment process.’ I believe we each have our ‘own particular fears’ and obstacles that seem to discourage us from making changes in our work-life. I want to help the youngsters gain the perspective they need to overcome obstacles and move forward in their lives..” – Farhana believes. She is obsessed about establishing fair HR practice in Bangladesh. Farhana believes in the new generation of human resources - the IT and internet-smart community - who will bring remarkable development in Bangladesh very soon.

Our services

We deliver Staffing, Training and all sorts of HR solutions to companies including Payroll, HRIS, OD and Restructuring, Performance Management and TNA etc. When you need to hire a talent and / or any other HR services, we are there to act as your HR Team! From getting the details on exactly what type of skills and qualities and solutions you are looking for – to delivering a “really short” shortlist or a cool Trainer/Consultant – we try to source the best in the industry. We really like to LEARN about your problem. Our goal is to learn about your company, its culture, its current challenges and budgets constraints. We always believe in getting continuous feedback from our clients to minimize conceptual gaps.

  • Recruitment of all Levels:
    We offer Headhunting services to companies for hiring senior professionals. For job positions like - Country Head, Regional Head, CEO, CPO/CHRO, COO, CFO, CTO/CIO, CMO, CCO, CAO, GM, Director, Specialists, Consultants, Head of Department, Project Coordinators, Plant in-Charge etc. Besides Headhunting and offering Top-level staffing solutions, we also cater recruitment services to our client-companies for mid or senior-mid level job openings like: Project Managers, Operations Managers, Marketing Managers, HR Managers, Finance and Accounting and auditing staffs who can lead small team or unit and reports to the Top Management. We also assist our clients for hiring at entry or junior level.

  • Training:
    We are connected to some Top and well-reputed local and international Trainers who deliver training sessions and workshops in areas like Sales, Leadership, HR, Interpersonal Skill, Customer Service, Personal Development, Process Management, Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Marketing, IT and Operations in different industries and for all level of corporate professionals and workers.

  • Employee Grooming:
    We also offer a range of soft skills programs that are "enter-training", thought provoking and interactive. All our programs and interventions are not off-the-shelf and relate to the real business environments through facilitation that is different, participative and motivational. All facilitators are qualified and experienced in their field and are accredited.

  • HR Consulting Services:
    We are connected to seasoned HR Experts and Consultants who handle project-based HR assignments like OD and Restructuring, TNA, HRIS, Payroll, Performance Management, Layoff and Crisis Management projects and the like.

  • Assessment Centers & Evaluations:
    HR Hub offers a range of different assessment tools for professionals as well as can deliver company based service packages to evaluate the employees of a company.

  • Career Coaching:
    For professional or fresh graduates HR Hub offers career counseling and coaching services to groom and guide individuals.


To cultivate and promote best Human Resources Management and Development practices in Bangladesh and wherever we work.


To deliver quality people, products and services to our valued clients, professionals and stakeholders with exceptional dependability and integrity.


Excellence, Ethics, Empathy and Effort – these are the “4E”s we practices in every level of service and relationship with our Clients, Candidates & Stakeholders. And we really appreciate companies and candidates who hold a parallel level of work-ethics. Following are some of the prime values we like to express in forms of “Four E” which we want to maintain and also try to improve with time:


A promise to deliver QUALITY to our clients - is the first value that we like to proudly declare. Not just to capture significant market share but also to stand with elegance and enjoy the appreciation from our valued clients is what we seek for.


We are passionate about our work. We are recruiters so each and every employee, researcher and trainee who works for HR Hub are totally passionate about their own work. We believe that skills and passion should come together to deliver extra ordinary output. Passion for anything leads to excellence and that’s how we deliver our quality.


We are honest and we expect the same from our clients, candidates and all stakeholders. Recruitment is a critical HRM service and it involves with giving explanations, honest opinions and sharing of factual data. From our part, we also let our clients know when we are unable to come up with good results as well! The more bluntly you share information and explain your real situation to us, the better solution we could come up with. We promise highest level of confidentiality and privacy with our respected clients and professional individuals.


We really try to understand our clients and candidates’ requirement. We establish a ‘connection’ with employers as well as with candidates and truly want to see them smile forever. We don’t want unhappy employees or employers. We really care for both the parties and we want them to realize it from every level of our services.