If you are looking for a job, HR Hub can be your platform to get introduced with a wide range of companies from different industries. We've created an exclusive network of companies after years of field experience. We match talent with businesses, and offer professional advice based on industry insights. When companies come to us in search of high quality human resources, we search from our own CV bank first. Please fill up the Resume Form and include yourself in our CV Bank.

If you Submit your resume, it will be saved directly in the Profile-Bank of HR Hub database. Unlike the other job portals, the resume you post here cannot be directly accessed by the employers or any company other than HR Hub. Our clients give us a job description and we take up the whole process of Recruitment in our own hands. So whenever we search for a particular candidate, we peep into our own database first. We have our own expert Resume Assessment Cell where you’ll be categorized by our expert eyes for assigning grades to your profile (like A+, A, B+, B, C, D and so on).

When we are looking for candidates we take out the matching resumes from our Profile-Bank. So, if you want to be with HR Hub, please take your time to fill up the form below (it’s quite detailed but not complicated). We passionately read each and every profile and evaluate your resume for our own needs.

Personal Development

We offer a wide range of training solutions in personal and career development. Please check under the "Personal Development" topic head in the  "TRAINERS" page here in this site for learning about the training topics available. You may also write to us here in our "contact us" page or directly send an email to: info@hrhub-bd.com

Career Workshop for Youngsters

For freshers and young professionals under 30, HR Hub offers a career development workshop. It is a day-long career bootcamp workshop designed to teach you the basics of writing resume, interviews, job retention, impression management at office, workplace goodwill, handling office politics and conflicts and many more career development guidelines. Please visit and like our FaceBook page to get our latest workshop information and posts. You may send message in our FaceBook inbox for workshop registration information or any query.

Individual Career Counseling

A self-development plan, customized and perfectly matched to an individual’s at their 20s and 30s. This counseling session may boost your confidence and self-esteem resulting in an enhanced performance. At HR Hub our senior counselors and coaches are trained to help you identify and work on your strengths and weaknesses, tone-up your skills, break the self-created psychological barriers. Whatever your performance objectives are the learning experience at HR Hub will help you achieve those. Please visit our FaceBook page and send message in our inbox for counseling appointments.