At HR Hub, finding the right employee for your company is targeted only from a long term and realistic approach. We want both parties (our clients and our candidates) to be happy. Finding the right match requires in-depth industry knowledge, an extensive network and emotional intelligence. Often, the right candidate needs to be handpicked, seduced and persuaded to make a move. We offer recruitment services to institutions from all sectors. We are passionate about people and we believe in hard work and networking. And together, we create a relationship of trust and respect. Recruiting typically takes 4-8 weeks, and we manage the entire process from start to finish. We build long-term partnerships based on trust, confidentiality and transparency. As a member of the talent territory, we help our clients move beyond borders. When required by our clients, we search for foreign experts from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and even from USA, Australia and Europe. Our extensive network is our strength and we really feel passionate and take pride in our hunting process.


  • Identifying company's exact requirement
  • Signing of mutual Agreement (between company and HR Hub)
  • Designing and customizing recruitment policy and strategy
  • Sourcing Candidates
  • Initial Screening
  • Interview Phase 1 (with HR Hub)
  • Submit final shortlist to company
  • Interview Phase 2 (with company)
  • Negotiation, Settlement & Signing of Appointment Letter
  • Placement & Follow-up (feedback from employer and from employee)

An organization’s performance depends on the people they have in different roles. At HR Hub, we strongly believe in maximizing potential of all of the important stake-holders including employees, board members, sub-contractors and vendors. There are no un-trainable people – it is just a matter of finding the relevant training needs and designing a need-based training program. Hence, we do not have “of-the-shelf” training modules. We customize training solutions for you focusing on what you need and not on what we have.

Our engagement as your training partner starts from understanding your objective, ranging from a generic inter-personal skill enhancement to impacting a specific KPI (Key Performance Indicator), these training programs can be stand-alone or modular but are all scalable.

On our panel we have some of this Region’s best trainers who have the knowledge, experience and skill to engage diversified teams and deliver high level program development services. Continuous staff development is a necessary requirement to maintain the value proposition in today’s challenging environment. Let us assist you in achieving your goals.

Training Programs Offered by HR-Hub: (Categorized List)

1. HR and Organization:

  1. Design, Implement and Measure KPI
  2. Creating a Talent Management Program for Organization Excellence
  3. Business Focused HR: 11 process to drive result
  4. Measuring ROI
  5. HR Competency
  6. Balanced Scorecard
  7. Achieving HR Excellence through six sigma
  8. Recruitment and Selection through Assessment Centre
  9. Psychometric test in Recruitment
  10. Mastery in Behavioral Interview questions
  11. Essential Letters, Memos and Formats in HR & Admin
  12. HR Audit
  13. Creating a sustainable competitive advantage by selecting developing and promoting the best people
  14. HR: The Business Partner
  15. Lower Recruitment & Turnover Cost: The secret of profitability
  16. Reinventing Talent Management
  17. Aptitude Test: Mastering of numerical, verbal and abstract test
  18. Employee engagement
  19. Employee retention
  20. Organizational Restructuring & Re-engineering
  21. Organization Development (OD)
  22. Engaging Employees: What Drives Employee Engagement and Why It Matters
  23. Uses of Emotional Intelligence in HR
  24. Listen to Employee's Voice - Climate Survey
  25. Organization Behavior & Corporate Behavior
  26. Asses your Employee Throughout the year not only during PMS
  27. How to prepare and conduct an induction program
  28. Performance Management System
  29. Succession Management
  30. Competency Mapping
  31. Career Development and Succession Planning
  32. Competency Based Training and Assessment
  33. Productivity Analysis
  34. Employee Counseling Techniques

2. Customer, Sales & Marketing:

  1. Salesmanship in the 21st Century
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Effective Sales Call Management
  4. Relationship based Sales Competencies
  5. Customer Service Excellence
  6. Corporate Communication
  7. Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success
  8. Negotiation Skills
  9. Customer Experience Management Strategy
  10. Managing Customer Expectations
  11. Improve Customer Experience using Net Promoter System
  12. Key Account Management Overview
  13. Key Account Management Essentials
  14. Key Account Management Strategy and Planning
  15. B2B Account Management Essentials
  16. Develop Export Marketing Strategy and Plan
  17. Distribution & Trade Marketing in Telecommunication Industry in Bangladesh
  18. Alternative Sales
  19. Marketing Communications
  20. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  21. Service Culture Development
  22. Hospitality Management
  23. Exhibit Your SMART ness Front-desk Behavior and Telephone Etiquettes
  24. Productivity Analysis

3. Management & Leadership

  1. Keeping Employees Accountable for Result
  2. Root Cause Analysis
  3. Think like CEO
  4. Conflict Resolution in the Corporate
  5. Creative, Low cost ways to raise morale, increase commitment and reduce turnover
  6. Problem Solving & Decision Making
  7. Corporate Leadership
  8. Business Communication
  9. Six Sigma for Managers
  10. Understanding, Designing and Implementing Competency Models in organization
  11. Successful team building tools
  12. Creating a sustainable competitive advantage by selecting developing and promoting the best people
  13. Leadership Development
  14. Team Building
  15. Transformational Leadership

4. Personal Development:

  1. Anger Management
  2. Problem Solving & Decision Making
  3. Get-Off your attitude: Change attitude, change life
  4. Emotional Intelligence for Professionals
  5. Manage your Boss: Create ideal working relationship
  6. Managing Your Manager: How to get Ahead with any type of Boss
  7. Negotiation Skills *
  8. Business Communication *
  9. Stress Management
  10. Interpersonal Skills
  11. Resolve Your issues before you decide
  12. Self-Analysis- why we are not being promoted
  13. Personal Skill Development: time management, leadership, effective communication
  14. career Management and Development
  15. Impression management and in-house professional relationships

5. Technical & Industry-Centric:

  1. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  2. Operational Excellence
  3. Soft-Skills Development
  4. Training Needs Assessment
  5. Employee Satisfaction Survey
  6. Hospitality Management
  7. Competency Based Training
  8. SME Startup Management
  9. Corporate Film Making
  10. Business Feasibility Study
  11. Mystery Shopping Survey
  12. Job Hunting

In addition to Executive Search and Training functions we offer the following HR services:

  • Designing Compensation Plans
  • Payroll Processing
  • Performance Management System
  • Employees Assessment
  • Organogram Designing
  • Work Flow Process Improvement
  • Organizational Behavior Assessment
  • Career Counselling
  • Change Management